Second year courses

During the second year, students have mandatory Master thesis and professional practice, one mandatory course per each semester (Project economic evaluation and Business management) and they can also choose one of three elective modules (Drilling and production engineering, Reservoir engineering, Geoenergy engineering and management). Within the modules, the students take both mandatory and elective courses. Total number of ECTS per semester must be 30 in all modules. That means that, other than mandatory courses in the given semester, the student must select one or more elective courses (4 ECTS each) in each semester.

The requirement for regular enrolment into the second year is passing all the exams during the first year, i. e. exceptionally one first-year exam left to be taken worth maximum 6 ECTS credits. Regular enrolment into the second year of the programme automatically grants the student the right to enrol his/her diploma thesis. The topic of the diploma thesis is chosen from the field covered by the elective module the student has chosen and is given by the selected teacher at the beginning of the summer semester of the second year of the study programme. 

The number of students in lectures, auditory exercises and seminars equals the maximum number of students allowed through the admission quota, while lab exercises and IT lab exercises will be limited to 10 students per group.

List of mandatory courses for all modules and list of elective courses can be found below:


Elective courses


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