Decommissioning of oil and gas facilities

Course objectives: To provide students with knowledge, skills and expertise in the oil and gas exploration and production (in further text: O&G E&P) facilities decommissioning process, covering technical aspects, project management, legal requirements, and the required measures in the field of health, safety, and environmental protection.

Course content:

  • Criteria for wells and other oil and gas facilities decommission;
  • Requirements and recommendations of international organizations in the field of decommissioning;
  • National legislation in the field of decommissioning;
  • Decommissioning methods regarding onshore/offshore oil and gas exploration and production facilities - detailed overview of the steps in the decommissioning process;
  • Safety measures, which exclude the occurrence of danger to people, property and the environment;
  • Soil sampling and analyses;
  • Preparation of agroecological study;
  • Soil and groundwater monitoring in line with the measures defined by the Decisions on environmental acceptability.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Select the best decommissioning option for a particular installation;
  • Carry out decommissioning process optimization through consideration the complex interactions between, cost, technical feasibility, environmental and societal considerations and safety;
  • Create a project solution for any oil and gas E&P decommissioning project.


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