Wellbore fluids

Course objectives: The student will acquire knowledge about cement slurries, well completion and workover fluids and well stimulation fluids. Student will be able to analyse the laboratory results and select appropriate fluid composition. Completed course Drilling Engineering from the 1st year of study is necessary precondition of enrolment.

Course content: 

  • Portland cement; 
  • Well cement; 
  • Cement slurry design; 
  • Properties of cement slurry (density, thickening time, rheological properties, filtration) and cement additives; 
  • Properties of set cement (permeability, compressive strength, sulphate resistance of set cement); 
  • Cements for geothermal wells; 
  • Well completion and workover fluids (solid-free fluids, solid-laden fluids, brines, packer fluids); 
  • Well stimulation fluids; 
  • Fracturing fluids and additives.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course: 

  • Design cement slurries for different applications and HPHT conditions;
  • Compare different well completion and workover fluids;
  • Suggest acids and other well stimulation fluids;
  • Formulate fluids in the laboratory and test their properties;
  • Analyze the results of laboratory tests and select the appropriate fluid composition.

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