Natural gas trade

Course objectives: Understanding the lectures, exercises, and knowledge from mandatory literature according to subject units, application of the acquired knowledge to problem solving in the area of natural gas trading.

Course content:

  • Introduction to natural gas trading;
  • European natural gas markets;
  • Natural gas trade platforms;
  • Capacity reservation platforms;
  • Platforms for examination of natural gas storage status in EU;
  • ENTSOG Transparency platform;
  • AGSI+ platform;
  • Reservation of transport capacity;
  • Reservation of storage capacity;
  • Natural gas purchase on European markets;
  • Natural gas transport via interconnections;
  • Optimization of transport cost and storage for a temperature-dependent consumer;
  • Storage and withdrawal of natural gas;
  • Portfolio management – nominations and daily deviation;
  • Balancing the transport system;
  • End consumer natural gas price calculation;
  • Virtual trading point trade in Croatia;
  • LNG trade.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Explain the relations between supply and demand on regional natural gas markets;
  • Compare the price of natural gas on European markets;
  • Compare the characteristics of each natural gas trading platform;
  • Suggest a natural gas supply route;
  • Suggest the selection of storage and dynamics of natural gas storage;
  • Calculate the overall costs of natural gas supply;
  • Compare the costs of natural gas transport via different routes;
  • Compare the costs of natural gas storage in different storage types;
  • Estimate the optimal moment for natural gas trading;
  • Create a plan for natural gas trading for a longer period.

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