Regulation of Energy Activities

Course objectives: Transfer of basic and applied knowledge in the field of regulation of energy activities to students. Explain the role of the national agency for the regulation of energy activities (NRA). Introduce students with the ways and differences of performing regulated and market energy activities. Provide basic knowledge of economic regulation of gas prices and basic components of tariff methodologies.

Course content:

  • Overview of the current state of energy activities in the Republic of Croatia;
  • Insight into public registers;
  • Regulation of energy activities by licensing process;
  • Licensing on a practical example;
  • Legislation in the EU energy sector (regulations, directives);
  • EU Network Codes,
  • Application of Network Codes in the Republic of Croatia;
  • The key determinants of energy laws and regulations Croatia;
  • Gas market regulation;
  • Regulated activities and market activities in the energy sector;
  • Economic regulation of energy prices;
  • Rate of Return (Cost Plus) regulation, incentive regulation, advanced regulation methods, approval of development plans, methods of determining tariffs, calculation of tariff items on the example of transport, storage, LNG and distribution;
  • Regulation in field of energy trading - retail and wholesale market, trade products;
  • The role of regulators in relationships with end customers;
  • Supplier change;
  • The contents of the gas bill;
  • Complaints resolving;
  • Quality of supply.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Explain the role of the regulatory agency for the regulation of energy activities;
  • Explain the process of licensing of energy undertakings;
  • Use the legislation of the Republic of Croatia and the EU, in the part related to the market of natural gas, oil and petroleum products;
  • Compare regulations that explain the functioning of the wholesale and retail markets;
  • Explain the role of monopoly activities (transport, distribution) in the conditions of an open natural gas market;
  • Identify possible ways for regulation of monopoly activities;
  • Summarize the methods of economic regulation of prices and the basic components of tariff methodologies;
  • Explain the method of determining tariff items;
  • Carry out a simplified calculation of tariff items.


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