General information

Tuition fee for a two-year study programme is 4.000,00 € (1.000,00 € per semester).

The proposed study programme relies for the most part on the analysed graduate programmes of petroleum engineering carried out in the European Higher Education Area. Having this in mind, the future study programme will ensure horizontal mobility with universities which have similar programmes, primarily University of Leoben, University of Clausthal and Stavanger and Norwegian University of Science and Technology. In order to develop this study programme, an analysis has been done of ten (10) accredited study programmes at the graduate level in the field of petroleum mining which are carried out completely in the English language. Having in mind the results of the analysis of accredited study programmes, the proposed study programme will have a joint first year for all the enrolled students, while the second year will offer a choice between three elective modules, which will allow for a 39% of electivity of all ECTS credits. Review of accredited graduate study programmes of petroleum engineering in European higher education area, a document containing a detailed analysis and comparison of all the study programmes has also been enclosed. The enclosed document contains hyperlinks to all the analysed study programmes.

The proposed study programme duration is four (4) semesters. Although the study programme has been envisaged as a  full-time study programme, there is a possibility to conduct certain activities within certain courses partially or completely online, depending on the module and the number of enrolled students. In order to successfully complete the proposed study programme a minimum of 120 ECTS credits should be achieved.  


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