Energy planning

Course objectives: The course Energy planning is set in graduate study as a part of an elective module, and its goal is to introduce students with comprehensive analysis of existing and future energy systems, with special emphasis on techno-economic analysis, energy efficiency, sustainability, pollutant emissions and structure of primary energy. Energy systems under investigation are national energy systems, as well as small-scale distributed energy systems. The analysis is done by running simulations of a different scenarios in energy planning software EnergyPLAN.

Course content: Give the student basic and professional knowledge in the field of energy planning with an emphasis on planning sustainable energy systems; Provide basic and expert knowledge of mapping energy resources and energy needs; Development of own simplified energy flows balancing model for an arbitrarily selected energy system, as well as the national energy system of the Republic of Croatia, including storage systems for various forms of energy; Modeling of energy systems in one of the energy planning programs (for example EnergyPLAN); Objectively assess the profitability of investments in energy systems through techno-economic analysis. 

Learning outcomes at the level of the course: 

  • Explain the role and importance of energy planning in energetics;
  • Describe existing and upcoming technologies in energy to integrate renewable energy sources and reduce CO2 emissions;
  • Analyse national energy system of the Republic of Croatia from the point of view of primary energy consumption, and final consumption by sectors, CO2 emissions, etc.;
  • Create national energy system in one of the energy planning programs;
  • Critically analyse simulation results of national energy system of the Republic of Croatia obtained in one of the energy planning programs;
  • Devise structure of energy system for simple energy system;
  • Assess economic viability of project using one of the methods based on the results of energy planning;
  • Analyse the impact of the market price of energy (electricity, gas and heat) on the structure and management of energy systems.

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