Design and Drilling of Directional Well

Course objectives: Acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for directional and horizontal well design in accordance with specific project requirements, and selection of methods and procedures for drilling the projected well in accordance with the project.

Course content:

  • Application of the directional drilling technology in practice; 
  • Design of the directional and horizontal well trajectory; 
  • Directional and horizontal drilling tools; 
  • Steerable downhole motors; 
  • Rotary steerable systems; 
  • Telemetry in the drilling operation; 
  • Design of the directional and horizontal wells; 
  • Extended reach drilling; 
  • Multilateral wells; 
  • Completion design for directional wells; 
  • Case studies.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Distinguish specific tools for directional drilling operations;
  • Propose the drillstring for drilling of different types of directional wells;
  • Design the directional well trajectory;
  • Compare different directional well design with regard to technical limitations of drilling equipment;
  • Recommended surface and downhole equipment for directional drilling with respect to well design and specific requirements;
  • Compare the different telemetry systems used in directional drilling;
  • Plan completion design for the directional well.


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