Waste Management in Petroleum Engineering

Course objectives: Acquiring knowledge necessary for hazardous and non-hazardous waste management from the process of oil and gas exploration and production processes, in line with legal requirements, and in order to prevent and to reduce waste quantities and toxicity.

Course content: 

  • Legislation in the field of waste management; 
  •  Hierarchy in waste management and possibilities of applying the "circular economy" concept; 
  • Waste treatment procedures (chemical-physical, biological, thermal, waste disposal, waste conditioning, hazardous waste list); 
  • Waste management in national practice (mud pits, facilities for waste fluid regeneration); 
  • Toxicity of waste; 
  • Disposal of waste in or on the ground; 
  •  Waste solidification/stabilization; 
  • Thermal treatment of waste; 
  • Waste disposal into caverns; 
  • Waste management during offshore exploration and production activities.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Distinguish legal regulations in the field of waste management at O&G E&P onshore and offshore activities;
  • Apply the "circular economy" concept;
  • Analyse the hierarchy of waste management and BAT technology;
  • Compare different waste management methods in petroleum industry;
  • Planning remediation of mud pits and hydrocarbon-contaminated sites;
  • Design a process for permanent disposal of petroleum waste into deep wells.


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