Energy conversion

Course objectives: The course Energy conversion is set in graduate study as a part of an elective module, and its goal is to teach students how to make energy and mass balance of different energy conversions found in Today's energy systems. The course is also oriented to finding the most effective solution to a given problem of energy supply, usually constrained by physical, environmental or cost limits. The special emphasis is given to the energy storage as integral part of present and future energy systems. 

Course content:

  • Provide basic and professional knowledge in the field of energy transformations in obtaining useful work / power with emphasis on thermohydraulic plants;
  • Analyse mass, energy, and emission balance of all major energy conversion plants;
  • Introducing students to exergy analysis of energy conversion on different examples (thermal power plant, exchanger network / central heating system, wind power plant, transport) and the importance of high and low-temperature energy in exergy analysis;
  • Introducing students to the methods of optimizing economically viable energy consumption;
  • Introducing students to the basics of energy systems planning.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Understand the difference between primary, transformed, and final forms of energy and the relationships between them;
  • Analyse the mass-energy balance of the most common energy conversion systems;
  • Understand the role of energy storage for the needs of balancing energy systems;
  • Make an exergy analysis of the energy system;
  • Analyse final consumption by sectors;
  • Analyse the role of natural gas in energy systems flexibility;
  • Create a mathematical model of optimization for a problem in the field of energy transformations.

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