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From the moment I landed in Croatia, the staff at RGN made everything easier for me. All the professors made sure I was able to follow the subjects correctly even with the...
pandemic restrictions. In the end, it was a very positive experience from a personal and educational point of view.
Manuel Alejandro Cerrato Ramirez, Erasmus+ student at RGNF in academic year 2020/2021 Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
This experience has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills. As a foreign student, I have always found a welcoming and supportive environment at...
RGNF particularly and in this beautiful country, Croatia, generally. Overall, it was a successful experience on different levels, highly recommended. 
Georges Saliba, Erasmus+ student at RGNF in academic year 2020/2021 Graduate of Università degli Studi di Bologna 'Alma Mater Studiorum'
Regarding my experience at the RGN I would like to highlight the good treatment received by all the teaching staff, the commitment and the effort to adapt the classes for...
us. My stay at RGN was very productive and enriching both academically and personally. I really enjoyed Croatia, its natural places, its beaches and its people.   I highly recommend the ERASMUS+ programme at RGN Zagreb.
Fernando Saiz Salas, Erasmus+ student at RGNF in 2020 Graduate student at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM)
As a graduate student, I was given the opportunity to spend one semester at RGNf, University of Zagreb, Department for Petroleum Engineering. It is an experience by which I will...
remember the year 2020 and my graduate studies. In those few months, I realized how important a systematic approach and attitude towards our profession, work and science is. The professors were more than correct, approachable and considerate towards me and helped me to master the material that was new to me. So, I really never felt like a stranger at that Faculty, but like a guest. I would warmly recommend everyone to study at RGN Faculty, they will be delighted with the knowledge they will gain, but also with the beautiful Zagreb they will fall in love with.
Božana Barušić, Erasmus+ student at RGNF in 2020
Božana Barušić, Erasmus+ student at RGNF in 2020 Graduate student at the University of Tuzla - Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Studying at RGNF was a great experience. Some of the advantages were definitely a lot of field visits and onsite learning, friendly and open-minded professors and lecturers as...
well as good collaboration with other universities (CEEPUS program which gave me an opportunity to go to exchange semester to Austria). In addition, being a member of very active SPE Student Chapter Zagreb gave me the opportunity to meet and work with other colleagues from the oil industry. All of this helped me to gain knowledge and skills which brought me to the international company that has business units all over the world - Argentina, Abu Dhabi, Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Russia.
Monika Miličević, mag.ing.petrol.
Monika Miličević, mag.ing.petrol. currently works as a Production Engineer at Wintershall Dea GmbH
Looking back at my time at RGNF, I have to say it was a great experience and a right choice for my university education. I acquired a set of skills which helped me start my career...
in a big energy company. Also, I had a great time during my student exchange programme in Austria. If I could, I would do it all over again. That is the biggest thing from my point of view.
Dominik Kevo, mag.ing.petrol.
Dominik Kevo, mag.ing.petrol. currently works as Gas & Power Commercial Specialist at INA - Industrija nafte, d.d.
By enrolling at the Faculty of Mining, Geology, and Petroleum Engineering, I started to acquire knowledge in various fields of natural sciences and engineering. Such a diverse...
background has enabled me to be competent in various branches of the petroleum industry, from drilling techniques, hydrocarbon reservoir development and well completion to the exploitation of geothermal reservoirs, environmental protection, and the economics of petroleum engineering. What I consider one of the greatest advantages of the Faculty is working in small groups, which facilitates and improves interaction with professors and knowledge transfer. Internship and fieldwork also contributed to the overall positive studying experience, as I could work on some real problems in practice. One amazing feature of this profession is that traveling is always included, whether it is on the field, science conference, student exchange, training school, or on a business trip which also provides a wonderful experience of meeting new people and places, learning and growing. Studying at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering provided me with quality knowledge, broadened my horizons both professionally and privately, and introduced me to new perspectives on the dynamic world of the energy industry
Josipa Hranić, mag.ing.petrol.
Josipa Hranić, mag.ing.petrol. currently works as a research associate at the MEET 2020, Faculty of ElectricalEngineering and Computing, University of Zagreb
Being part of the most exciting profession in the world, a profession which will take you to different workplaces such as drilling rigs in the Sahara Desert or drillships offshore...
Africa was my dream. The Petroleum Engineering program challenged me every day during my studies. It was combining mechanical and energy engineering with geoscience disciplines. The program prepared me for exciting opportunities that were ahead of me.
Samir Golub, former student at RGN Faculty
Samir Golub, former student at RGN Faculty currently works as a Lead Reservoir Engineer, HKN Energy Ltd.


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