Application of Drilling Engineering Software

Course objectives: Acquisition of knowledge and skills in the application of software packages in optimizing the drilling process.

Course content: 

  • Demonstration of work in Landmark software and all subroutines related to well design;
  • Selection of drilling fluid composition for specific sections of a wellbore and determination of drilling fluid properties;
  • Selection of drill string components and calculation of longitudinal and torsional stresses in the drill string during drilling;
  • Casing string design (appropriate depth of casing setting, dimensioning of casings, etc.);
  • Hydraulic calculation during wellbore cleaning and casing cementing;
  • Development of a complete well design project.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Apply the selected software package;
  • Design the well trajectory;
  • Select the drilling string components and perform the drill string stress analysis;
  • Formulate the appropriate well design;
  • Perform hydraulic calculation drilling and cementing.


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