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About the project – InterRGN

About the project – InterRGN

Project coordinator: University of Zagreb - Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (RGNF)
Partner: Institute for the Development of Education, Zagreb

Project funding source:

European Social Fund, Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources 2014-2020 (OPEHR)
European Structural and Investment Funds

Intermediate Body Level 1: Ministry of Science and Education
Intermediate Body Level 2: Agency for Vocational Education and Training (DEFCO)

Brief project description

RGNF has identified two problems that significantly affect the international visibility and recognition of RGNF and the program it provides to the future students: 1. lack of study programmes in English; 2. Insufficient international recognition of RGNF and the programs it offers, but also of the teachers themselves, which results in low level of incoming short-term and long-term mobility of students and teachers. RGNF also pointed out the need for internationalization as one of the important goals in the Development Strategy of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering for the period 2017-2021.

At RGNF, the implementation of the internationalization project is planned through three types of activities: a) development of a new graduate study of Petroleum Engineering in English; b) 27 courses from other graduate studies will be translated and prepared for conducting in English; c) participation in 5 higher education fairs in Europe with the purpose of promoting a new study program and courses in English.

Objectives and expected results of the project

The project has three goals:

  • contribute to the internationalization of study programmes at RGNF;
  • strengthen the competencies of teachers and graduate students of RGNF;
  • increase the percentage of incoming student mobility and contribute to the international recognition of RGNF through participation in relevant higher education fairs.

Expected project results

1) Accreditation and implementation of a new study program in Petroleum engineering.

Croatian students with a graduate degree in English will ultimately be more competitive in the labor market, and the incoming mobility of students will necessarily increase.

2) Conducting 27 courses in English.

Existing courses will be translated into English and will be conducted during the project implementation. Materials prepared during the implementation of the project will ensure the smooth implementation of the course after the project. English language training activities for teachers will strengthen their capacities and in the long run affect the quality of work with foreign students.

3) Participation in five higher education fairs.

By participating in 5 higher education fairs, RGNF representatives will have the opportunity to establish international cooperation with other higher education institutions for the purpose of exchanging students and teaching staff, new joint study programs or joint project and research collaborations.

Project implementation period

12.10.2018. – 12.10.2021. (36 months)

Contact persons:

Doc. dr. sc. Borivoje Pašić, project coordinator
Antonija Zrno, project assistant


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