Enhanced geothermal systems and revitalization of deep wells as energy resources

Course objectives: Students will learn about principles of design and use of enhanced geothermal systems, abandoned well revitalization and deep borehole heat exchangers.

Course content: 

  • Introduction to the course, course overview, student’s responsibilities and monitoring student work;
  • Deep well revitalization, deep borehole heat exchanger system, hydrocarbon and geothermal fluid coproduction, workover needed in revitalization process, case studies of revitalized deep wells;
  • Analytical modelling of heat transfer in the case of revitalized deep wells;
  • Numerical modelling of heat transfer in the case of revitalized deep wells;
  • Determining available thermal energy of the deep borehole heat exchanger;
  • Technoeconimical analysis of using deep borehole heat exchanger systems and environmental influence;
  • Types of enhanced geothermal systems - HDR (hot dry rock), EHS (enhanced hydrothermal systems), HSA (hot sedimentary aquifer), hydraulic fracturing in the case of enhanced;
  • Geothermal systems, fluid flow through fractures, heat transfer;
  • Modelling of enhanced geothermal systems;
  • Case studies of enhanced geothermal systems - Soultz-sous-Forêts & Groß Schönebeck;
  • Technoeconimical analysis of enhanced geothermal systems and environmental influence;
  • Overview of regulations and directions of managing enhanced geothermal systems & revitalized wells.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course: 

  • Elaborate types of enhanced geothermal systems;
  • Elaborate the revitalization process via deep borehole heat exchangers;
  • Solve heat transfer equations;
  • Evaluate available thermal energy when using deep borehole heat exchanger;
  • Elaborate fluid flow through fractures and heat transfer in enhanced geothermal systems;
  • Analyse environmental effects of using enhanced geothermal systems and deep borehole heat exchangers.


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