Reservoir stimulation

Course objectives: Acquisition of knowledge and skill necessary for determining the damage of the near wellbore zone and for selecting the appropriate reservoir stimulation technique and hydraulic fracturing design.

Course content: 

  • Reservoir productivity; 
  • Types of permeability damage near wellbore zone; 
  • Sandstone treatment; 
  • Carbonate treatment; 
  • Mechanics of hydraulic fracturing; 
  • Models of hydraulic fracturing; 
  • Field work.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Select parameters that affect the productivity of the well, evaluate the components of the skin factor and their impact on the productivity curve, define the effective radius of the well and the production and classify the impact of individual components on the pressure drop in the wellbore zone;
  • Define reservoir treatment techniques to remove damage;
  • Compare acids for processing sandstone and carbonates and explain the influence of acid volume on mechanical properties and permeability of rocks;
  • Analyze chemical treatment and acid washing programs from different production wells data;
  • Presenting the basic features of the model of hydraulically generated fractures;
  • Analyze the conductivity of the fracture and assess the priorities to optimize of hydraulic fracturing process;
  • Select properties of the fracturing fluid and surface equipment for fracturing.

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