Business management

Course objectives: Understanding the lectures, exercises, and knowledge from mandatory literature according to subject units, application of the acquired knowledge to problem solving in the area of business management, development of each case study of business strategy in petroleum industry and application of acquired knowledge to energy companies management.

Course content:

  • Introduction to business management;
  • Fundamental terms regarding business management, management, methods, managers;
  • Examples of managers and successful managers;
  • Company and environment, strategy, military strategy, business strategy, management, and ownership;
  • Examples for a company and environment analysis, examples of managers owners and managers professionals;
  • Vision, mission, strategic goals, missions’ owners and business strategy;
  • Mission and strategic goals of energy companies;
  • Formulation of business strategy, examples of business strategy;
  • Strategic planning, analysis of the procedure of strategic planning;
  • Pre-analyses and estimates, SWOT analysis examples of SWOT analyses, decision trees;
  • Concept of marketing and marketing strategy, marketing mix, M.I.S., examples of market segmentation;
  • Implementation of strategic planning, analysis, and examples of implementation of strategic planning;
  • Enterprise organization, examples of enterprise organization, organization of an integrated petroleum company;
  • Life cycle of a product and technology, examples of products life cycles in energy sector;
  • Portfolio analysis and management strategies, examples of portfolio analysis (BCG matrix, McKinsey matrix);
  • Company management, examples of business strategy and management in energy companies;
  • Reorganization and restructuring of a company, business intelligence, fundamental rules, and examples of reorganizations;
  • Company management depending on market conditions.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course: 

  • Explain the role of business management in energy sector;
  • Apply business strategies, strategic management, and the process of formulating, approving and implementation of business strategy of a company in energy sector;
  • Compare the types of business strategies;
  • Explain the fundamentals of marketing and marketing mix;
  • Explain the organization and reorganization of business in energy sector;
  • Estimate visions, missions, and strategic goals of a business;
  • Develop a business strategy (pre-analyses, including SWOT analysis, formulation and implementation of a business strategy);
  • Explain special methods in business strategy (portfolio analysis, product and technology life-cycle analysis, analysis of business strategy types;
  • Explain special methods for analysis of business strategy and management (business intelligence and decision tree).

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