Reservoir management and production data logging

Course objectives: Students will be able to comment on the fundamentals of reservoir management, present the theoretical production decline curves, evaluate a certain well’s operational conditions and apply the material balance equation.

Course content:

  • 1. Reservoir management fundamentals:
    • The concept of reservoir management: definition of the term reservoir management, fundamentals of the reservoir management, importance of the geoscience, research and development strategy;
    • Consideration of spatial well patterns – four, five, seven, nine spot patterns, including inverse patterns;
    • Decision making regarding the implementation of a new recovery method (infill drilling, waterflood, stimulation);
    • Collection and analysis of the data: data types, data validation, data storage and withdrawal;
    • Management of a geothermal reservoir;
  • 2. Theoretical production decline curves:
    • Analysis of the reservoir behaviour: primary recovery methods, reserves, volumetric method;
    • Exponential, hyperbolic and harmonic decline types;
    • Characteristics, equations, and Excel examples and MBAL;
    • The Fetkovich method;
    • Fundamentals of the rest of the methods for reservoir behaviour prediction;
  • 3. Well operational parameters:
    • Determination of well interference and selection of wells suitable for conversion from production to injection well and vice-versa;
    • Well pressure data collection; Influence of the reperforating, acid treatments and fracturing on the reservoir performance;
    • Using tracers for well communication determination;
  • 4. Material balance equation:
    • Production material balance of a reservoir;
    • Matching the reservoir production material balance and well production history data;
    • Examples of material balance;
    • Reservoir management economics.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Distinct the well patterns;
  • Decide on a new recovery method;
  • Prove the production decline type;
  • Analyse the well production data;
  • Calculate the reservoir behaviour by using material balance equation.


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