Well Completion and Workover Design

Course objectives: Acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for the well completion and workover design in accordance with the well conditions, properties of the reservoir rock and fluids, the purpose of the well and additional specific conditions.

Course content:

  • Possible ways of well completions; 
  • Well performance analysis; 
  • Method and procedures of well killing and restart production; 
  • Combined well completion; 
  • Completion of the well with multiple production zones; 
  • Well completion with the multiple production/injection strings; 
  • Horizontal and multilateral well completion and workover; 
  • Well completion and workover design; 
  • Workover rig and tools selection to carry out well completion and workover operation.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Calculate the forces and pressure in tubing/packer system in the case of complex well completion systems;
  • Design production/injection string for fluid production or injection on certain exploration fields;
  • Identify the cause of deviation in well performance from projected values;
  • Propose well completions systems;
  • Propose a procedure for well kill and restart production in accordance with well conditions, installed equipment and the reservoir rock and fluid properties;
  • Select an workover rig and tools to carry out well completion and workover operations;
  • Evaluate the success of particular well completion and workover operations.



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