Intelligent Well Completion and Exploitation Field Digitalisation

Course objectives: Introducing students to the intelligent well completion system, automation and digitalisation of the field, and acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for the application of this technology in process of oil, gas and geothermal water production.

Course content: 

  • Intelligent well completion systems;
  • Downhole measuring and control equipment;
  • Monitoring of the well production parameters;
  • Big data analysis and using;
  • Digitalisation of the oil fields;
  • Optimisation of well production through intelligent well completion;
  • Application of machine learning. 

Learning outcomes at the level of the course: 

  • Distinguish surface and downhole equipment used for intelligent well completion and filed digitalisation;
  • Assess the need for intelligent well completion, automation and digitalisation on particular exploration filed;
  • Assess the possibility of applying machine learning and full automatization in fluid production on well completed with the different production systems;
  • Evaluate the application of intelligent completion on specific well with regard to different well production system and characteristic of installed equipment.


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