Natural Gas Processing

Course objectives: Acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary for active role in any phase of natural gas processing (gas storage, vaporization/liquefaction, transportation).

Course content:

  • Natural gas processing including phase separation;
  • Natural gas sweetening;
  • Sulphur recovery and handling;
  • Helium, hydrogen and nitrogen recovery;
  • Natural gas dehydration and natural liquids recovery;
  • Natural gas liquefaction processes modelling;
  • Liquefaction and receiving terminals;
  • Liquefied gas transportation and storage;
  • Case studies.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Estimate impurities content in the natural gas;
  • Choose appropriate natural gas processing steps;
  • Compare different processes for natural gas liquefaction;
  • Modelling natural gas processing (liquefaction);
  • Support interdisciplinary professional team included to gas processing and transportation tasks.

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