Student life

Work and activities

Work and activities


All full-time students at Croatian higher education institutions can apply for occasional student work. The same applies for international students. In Croatia the employment of full-time students is handled by the Student Service Centre (Student servis) which has subsidiaries in all university towns and elsewhere. International students attending short study programmes (exchange students, guest students) have to check with the higher education institution they are applying to whether or not they are allowed occasional student work via the student service centre and under which conditions.

If an international student is allowed occasional student work via the Student Service Centre, she/he can register by coming in person to the Student Service Centre and filling out a form. This will require the following:

  • Student Transcript Book (“Indeks”)
  • Certificate of full-time student status in the ongoing academic year (from the Croatian faculty they are enrolled at)
  • Two photographs
  • Identification document or passport
  • Certificate of having opened a giro account in a bank in Croatia.

For further information, contact sservice@sczg.hr


An active social life is an important part of student life. Croatia has a vibrant student body and a wide range of student associations which international students can explore, immerse themselves in and draw on to develop their leadership potential. Each higher education institution has a student union (called Studentski zbor) which looks after students’ interests.

Besides the student union, there are other student organisations that have an important role in the Croatian higher education system. Among the numerous student organisations registered active at higher education institutions, there are a number of international student organisations that have branches in Croatia. Such organisations are particularly active in the fields of international cooperation, exchange and mobility programmes, student internships, organising conferences, seminars, summer schools and so on

Below is a selection of international and Croatian student organisations that are active at higher education institutions in Croatia:


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