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University campus

University campus

Unfortunately, due to lack of housing capacity, student dormitory accommodation is not available to all students, neither Croatian nor international students, and some towns do not offer student dormitory accommodation at this time. International students do not automatically receive student dormitory accommodation and they have to contact the International Cooperation Office at the higher education institution they are applying to in order to try and ensure housing.

The Student Centres (Studentski centar) at higher education institutions are the institutions that manage all student dormitories according to a system of quotas for available spaces. It is the responsibility of the higher education institution to contact the Student Centre and recommend an international student to them. In case there are rooms available for the period of student's stay, the international student can get a room in the dormitory.

At the moment, only international students who come to study in Croatia as part of an official exchange programme (ERASMUS, CEEPUS or bilateral programmes of the Ministry of Science, Education, Sports and the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes) can apply for student dormitory accommodation. The Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes arranges housing for their bilateral programmes and CEEPUS students. Higher education institutions are in charge of helping ERASMUS students with accommodation, however they are not guaranteed a place in a student dormitory. Other international students need to provide for housing themselves.

NOTE: Due to the limited number of vacancies, only overseas students and students from countries with a visa regime with Croatia will be guaranteed accommodation in student hall of residence.


  • 1st June for the upcoming study year / winter semester
  • 10th November for the upcoming summer semester

Rooms in student dormitories are usually shared between two people and bathrooms are shared with one or more other rooms.
Some student dormitories may contain student cafeterias, gyms, computer labs and may also organise additional social activities.

The cost of student dormitory accommodation varies across cities but in each case it is the most affordable accommodation option. Prospective students should contact the International Cooperation Office at the higher education institution they interest for more information.
You can find many usefu pieces of information on the website of University of Zagreb: http://www.unizg.hr/homepage/international-exchange/exchange-students/student-services/housing/.



In case it takes longer for you to find suitable accommodation in Croatia, prospective students may consider staying at a hostel upon arrival in Croatia.

For all information about youth hostels in Croatia, prospective students should visit the web site of the Croatian Youth Hostel Association http://www.hfhs.hr/en/ or contact them in person:

Croatian Youth Hostel Association
Savska 5/1, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
e-mail: info@hfhs.hr
tel: +385 (0)1 48 29 294
fax: +385 (0)1 48 70 477

Private accommodation

Private accommodation

The price of rent in private accommodation varies depending on the town, location, room size and the accommodation quality.

Students who have not secured or are not entitled to student dormitory accommodation can rent a private room or apartment. The process of renting private accommodation should begin at least one month prior to coming to Croatia. International students should seek private accommodation options independently.

Cost of private accommodation

The price of rent in private accommodation varies depending on the town, location, room size and the accommodation quality. Approximate rent prices for Croatia are:

  • 150 EUR per month for a one-bed, shared kitchen and bathroom
  • 250 EUR per month for a studio apartment.

Sometimes the utilities are included in the rent or students cover them separately. Rent is usually due at the beginning of each month, although some landlords ask for payment several months in advance.

How to find private accommodation

In order to find a room to rent we recommend posting advertisements at faculties, at the Studentski centar (e.g. Student Centre Zagreb), advertisement papers and web portals (e.g. www.oglasnik.hr and https://www.njuskalo.hr/). To read and translate most advertisements, international students may need help from a native speaker, although there are also several web portals with information in English. Some useful links are below.


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