Oil and Gas Production Engineering

Course objectives:  Acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to design a production system based on reservoir properties and optimizing fluid production using a different artificial lift methods.

Course content:

Fluid flow from the reservoir into the wellbore; Reservoir productivity and flow capacity of the production system from the bottom to the wellhead; Multiphase fluid flow in the wellbore; Optimization of the well production system using different fluid lifting methods; Independent task-selection and presentation of the research topic using the online database OnePetro - SWOT analysis for selecting an individual fluid lifting system, operation control and defining operating costs; Radial fluid flow in the reservoir; Fluid flow in a reservoir with a vertical well; Fluid flow in a reservoir with a horizontal well; Fluid flow in a reservoir with a multiple fractured horizontal well; IPR curves; Fluid flow in the well; Multiphase fluid flow in the well; Gas lift; Artificial lift pumps.

Learning outcomes at the level of the course:

  • Analyze the flow models in a porous medium and the influence on the choice of method of lifting reservoir fluids;
  • Apply appropriate methods of designing and creating a well production system;
  • Optimizing well productivity for different fluid uptake methods and well status (gas, oil, injection, geothermal);
  • Choose the gas valves with regard to the possible supply of the bearing;
  • Choose and define appropriate downhole pump. 


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