Drilling engineering

Drilling engineering

Course objectives: Acquisition of knowledge for independent solving of engineering problems and implementation of calculations related to specific operations during drilling.

Course content:

  • Drilling hydraulics;
  • Surface mud system design and its role in maintaining the given drilling fluids properties;
  • Lost circulation;
  • Methods of plugging loss zones;
  • Oil well control;
  • Blowout and kick;
  • Causes and consequences of inflow of formation fluids;
  • Methods of well killing;
  • Coring: equipment and methods;
  • Rock testing: equipment and methods;
  •  Well cementing;
  • Design of directional wells.

Learning objectives on the level of the course:

  • Apply various mathematical models used to describe the behaviour of drilling fluids and cement slurries;
  • Perform drilling hydraulic optimization for drilling operations and casing cementing;
  • Assess surface mud system design options and choose an appropriate solids control equipment;
  • Analyze the causes and consequences of lost circulation and apply methods for loss zone plugging;
  • Analyze the causes of formation fluid inflow, propose an appropriate method of well killing and perform calculations related to well pressure control;
  • Compare different methods of coring and testing (DST) of rocks during drilling;
  • Design well cementing and directional drilling.

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